Social Media Management

Being associated with clients & Promoting your products on social media sites is full time job. People use Facebook, tweet, linkedin, and surf other social media sites all the time. During such activities they will be doing more than posting pretty pictures, they will be  trying to build few impressions  about your company & business activities.

Many consumers take the help of social networking sites to go through product reviews which are very impactful & can build or damage your business.

In order to create an impact, you can hire a social media virtual assistant & below are our services.

Create your Facebook business page, Manage your social networking sites – Facebook and Twitter, highlight new product or service you offer, create awareness by conducting a survey or promotion, refer people to a blog, Update business information, Update images of new products / descriptions & features, Manage comments & Schedule blogs, interaction with followers, respond to comments whether good or bad , Invite people to like your page